About Us

Who We Are

With manufacturing facility established at Dempo Laser Metalindo since 2003, a competence in machine building for coffee roasting was born. Mulatoz is our product brand and our team is committed to becoming a premier roasting equipment manufacturer in South East Asia. Equipped with state of the art sheet metal processing machines Mulatoz is also developing cacao processing equipment for small & medium enterprise.

Today, Mulatoz Manufacturing capitalizes on Indonesia's rich coffee & cacao history by improving the local tradition of bean processing & quality roasting. At the same time, Mulatoz strives to be an industry leader in innovation and is committed to the advancement of processing technology. Apart from the equipment, Mulatoz also provides customers with training & service. We put our customers in contact with the right industry connections such as from coffee & Cacao institute, financing options and roaster/barista trainers to green coffee value added reseller.

The way to truly understand a coffee is to roast it and finally, roasting your own coffee carries you deeper into the romance of coffee